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The Alan & Dorothy Press Collection

Initial Video Concept


Dorothy's love of puzzles is a great 'in' to this collection.

We can see, in this group of works, that intellectual adventurousness, that curiosity-  the sense that we are in pursuit of something. 

There's the feeling of exploration here; like the collection is a puzzle trying to work itself out. The beauty is that it's a puzzle without end, each artwork a clue expanding into a web of possibilities and meanings. 

The pitch film should recognize this spirit of mystery and curiosity. It should make visual connections between the artists, their works and the collection as a whole. The film should make us feel like we are a detective, following the clues to solve the riddle.

"Would not it be best

to leave room to mystery?"

                                                  Henri Matisse


Treatment Overview



•Dynamic transitions between artworks to build connective webs that

will come together to produce a tapestry of color, form, and content.

•Archival footage of the artists working and speaking about their art and the mystery of creation. These intimate glimpses into the artists' processes add a raw authenticity to the film. 


•Animated onscreen text of the artists quotes 




•Poignant soundbites from artists

•Sound effects that bring elements of the artwork to life

•Driving mysterious yet playful music score. 


"My works were designed to amuse, annoy,

bewilder, mystify and inspire reflection."

                                                           Man Ray



Treatment Sample

"Nothing is ever solved in painting, it doesn't go in one line but a serpentine line, or crooked paths..detours which have to be investigated...

Thats what I enjoy- not knowing where you're moving. Because thats full of potential"

                                                         - Philip Guston                          

Notes on video example:

This is a rough sketch fragment to illustrate mood only.

*Final film will have on screen text for audio legibility*


Final video will include:

  • Dynamic onscreen animated text of the artists quotes 

  • Image animation and transitions

  • Musical scoring and sound design

  • Additional artworks if available

  • Additional archival footage and b-roll 

Technical Considerations




15-20k includes:

  • 1-2 minute film,  2 week turnaround

  • On-screen text animations

  • 6 days edit

  • 2 feedback rounds

  • music score and sound design 


Excludes any clearances for public use


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